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This show is so good I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll just have to mention that Gen Urobuchi is the script writer. Madoka, anyone? And for the eyes, animation taken care by I.G, and character design by Akira Amano of KHR.
Nice for eyes and blows your mind, really.

I don't think my mini review will do it justice, but I want to write it nonetheless.

At first glance, this anime looks like a typical western detective show, only that it's in the future and there's a system that guides them all. Sybil. This thing tells you what job you should take, what kind of things you should buy, even determining whether you are a danger for the society or not. The detectives in this story relies on Sybil's judgement to measure one's 'crime potential'. The crimes here starts pretty general, like a man going mad just because he was afraid that he'll be captured, then it progressed to a more sick ones that I just can't explain here. But then as the story goes, there's some suspected flaw to this system.

I'm trying too hard on not to spoil anything and it sounds boring instead *laughs* I'm so sorry orz

What I'm trying to say is, this anime is amazing and everyone should watch it. There's not that much detective searching-for-evidence I realized, but instead there's a lot of moral thinking and everything that makes your head hurts xD Highly recommended.

6 more episode until the probable tragic, full of feels, end
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I don't know how I manage to still watch some anime in between college life. Wait, last time I checked my studies are failing....

This time I'm going to talk about two pretty popular anime.

soodo aato onrain )

The Labyrinth of Magic~ )
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Just watched the last episode *teary eyes*

spoiler warning! )

Actually, I'm not really into mahou shoujo (except CCS and Sailor Moon), because they're usually there just for the sake of cuteness. I like moe, but good plot appeals to me more. I was going to ignore this particular anime until I heard who was going to do the music.

Yuki Kajiura, composer for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Pandora Hearts, and most .hack series.
All of them was somehow dark in terms of story.

Okay, what is she doing in a Mahou Shoujo that is supposed to be a fluffy genre? That piqued my interest. But at that time the anime hadn't aired yet, so I forgot to put it up on my 'must watch' list.

Then one day, lazily surfing on youtube, I remembered this series and opted to start from listening to the OP and ED good animes usually have good OP and ED, no? XD

My eyes went wide when I know that Kalafina sang for the ending. Not to mention the video is very dark.

A dark, twisted, mahou shoujo story. That's....interesting xD

Anyway, one of the best anime in season I think. While the ending speaks more of typical mahou shoujo genre (hope etc), there's still a sense of reality that lingers. The paragraph after before the last scene actually moved me to think O_O

Now that madoka is out of the way.. Saiyuki Gaiden OVAAAAA xD
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Oookay, because I'm a shota I was forced by my friend to follow this series, I decided to watch the anime. I've taken a liking to it ♥

Now I know why most people said the anime ending is epic fail... )

Argh, that's it. I'm just going to follow the manga! *stomps to nearest bookstore*


Dec. 28th, 2009 05:54 pm
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 After a long time of contemplating, I finally decided to watch 07-Ghost :D 
When I first saw the review on a magazine, I'm not really that interested. Until I spotted a text "serialized in Zero-Sum". Zero-sum >> Saiyuki. Yep, that's pretty much it xDD

After watching the anime though... )

Okay. To the next anime in my pile...


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