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This show is so good I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll just have to mention that Gen Urobuchi is the script writer. Madoka, anyone? And for the eyes, animation taken care by I.G, and character design by Akira Amano of KHR.
Nice for eyes and blows your mind, really.

I don't think my mini review will do it justice, but I want to write it nonetheless.

At first glance, this anime looks like a typical western detective show, only that it's in the future and there's a system that guides them all. Sybil. This thing tells you what job you should take, what kind of things you should buy, even determining whether you are a danger for the society or not. The detectives in this story relies on Sybil's judgement to measure one's 'crime potential'. The crimes here starts pretty general, like a man going mad just because he was afraid that he'll be captured, then it progressed to a more sick ones that I just can't explain here. But then as the story goes, there's some suspected flaw to this system.

I'm trying too hard on not to spoil anything and it sounds boring instead *laughs* I'm so sorry orz

What I'm trying to say is, this anime is amazing and everyone should watch it. There's not that much detective searching-for-evidence I realized, but instead there's a lot of moral thinking and everything that makes your head hurts xD Highly recommended.

6 more episode until the probable tragic, full of feels, end
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