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Just saw it today on [livejournal.com profile] veronicacode 's journal. The answer's there already? Okay, I'll try not to cheat xD

1) How many and what are the names of Kyoumons?
All I remember is Muten, Seiten, and Muten --a

2) What is the age difference between Gonou and Kanan?
They're twins, so there's none

3) What is the real name of Dokugakuji?
Sha Jien

4) What is the name of the former Gojyo's co-tenant?

5) Thanks to what Sanzo ikkou is able to pay the endless feasts?
Sanbutshin gold card

6) From where come from Gojyo's and Goku's weapons (Shakujo and Nyoibo)?
A sealed jar in Keiun Temple, or some sorts

7) What is the meaning of the name "Hakuryu", the Jeep's name in the anime?
White dragon

8) Who is the "guilty" of the Sanzo's smoking vice?

9) What is the name of Kenyu's master?
Goudai Sanzo

10) "Nothing changes even if you die. However, if you live, there will be some things that will change."
Genjyo Sanzo

11) Thanks to which food Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo manage to overcome Goku's snow fear?
Sukiyaki :9

12) What is the name of Kougaiji's mother?

13) When is Goku's birthday?
5th April

14) What is the name of the boy who Gojyo saves from punks in Saiyuki vol.6? Kinkaku or Ginkaku?
Golden haired kid... Kinkaku, then.

15) Stuffed rabbit apart, please write 3 Nii's items in which rabbit image appears.
Um, sandals and?

16) What Koumyou Sanzo makes with japanese orange paper?
Paper aiplanes

17) If you think to Chin'isou, which board game comes in your mind?

18) What is the name of the youkai summoned by Kougaiji?

19) Choose one of the nicknames in which Sha Gojyo is called.
Kappa, ero kappa, etc xD

20) "The love that couldn't be grasped, the love that couldn't be protected...blaming the powerlessness of yourself, he and I are...watching the illusion that disappeared into the ocean of blood."
Gojyo, I think.

21) What is the name of Gato's clan?
Honestly don't know

22) Gojyo is a taboo child. Between his parents, who is the youkai and who the human being?
Youkai --> Father, Human --> Mother

23) Where Cho Gonou spent his childhood?

24) How's known Son Goku without his limiter?
Seiten Taisei

25) What "Zakuro" means?
How can I forget this? *headdesk*

26) Minus wave is the result of a forbidden experiment. The combination of...what?
Youkai magic and science

27) In which item Hazel Grouse collects youkai souls?
His pendant

28) Which famous tale comes in Hakkai's mind thinking about Kamisama, Kinkaku and Ginkaku's story?
Hansel and Gretel

29) Which mutual relative have Lirin and Kougaiji?
They have the same father

30) "For my sake, at least in front at these guys, so that I won't die pitifully."
Son Goku

31) What are the two things that Genjo Sanzo despises the most in this World?
Bugs and perverts

32) Which parts of Zakuro's body is better avoiding to look at to don't fall into his power?
His eyes

33) Which food comes in Goku's mind listening Yakumo's name?
Senbei, wait that's different.

34) What "Ukoku" means?
Weeping crow

35) Which animal comes in mind thinking to Lenri, the youkai in the desert of Saiyuki vol.5-6?
Scorpion queen

36) Which challenge Mr. Fei, the man who molests waitress-Yaone, suggests to Sanzo Ikkou?
drinking contest

37) Why Saiyuki fandom calls "Pippi" the youkai girl of Saiyuki RELOAD vol.7-8?
because she looks like a character who has braids. I forgot who..

38) Who, among Sanzo Ikkou members, has the worst relationship with Hazel Grouse?
Hakkai xD

39) Including 500 years of detention, how old is Son Goku now?

40) "Live the way your heart desires. We'll follow any path that you choose."
Dokugakuji to Kougaiji

41) Who killed Gato the first time?

42) To what Jikaku has linked Koumyou and Ukoku Sanzo?
The moon and the darkness

43) What is the name of Hazel Grouse's master?
I honestly forgot

44) Kougaiji and Lirin's youkai marks are almost the same. They have only two little differences...which ones?
the position of the mark?

45) How is known Genjo Sanzo's gun?
Shoreiju? I'll settle with Smith & Wesson

46) Who is the instigator of Kanan kidnapping?

47) Rabbit apart, which animal is linked to Nii as Sanzo?

48) What is the name of the temple in which Koryu spent his childhood?
Kinzan Temple

49) What is Rikudo's former name?

50) "...Seems neither of us are prepared to yield...Bet's still on eh, you an I...? And the reason is simple...it's because you're still there..."
Nii Jenyi

51) Where you can find Sha Gojyo's youkai mark?
No where to be found~

52) Hakkai has an artificial eye. Is it the left or the right one?
Right one

53) In Kamisama's castle, in which floor Sanzo Ikkou enter in the maze?
Man, I forgot

54) Of the colour of what thinks Gojyo's step mother looking at his hair?

55) What is the name of the REAL Genjo Sanzo's father?
All I know he's someone important.. haha

56) What is Hakkai's zodiacal sign?

57) What is the name of the anime series in which Hazel&Gato appear?
Saiyuki Reload GUNLOCK

58) Who is, at the end, the winner of the fighting match in the extra chapter of RELOAD vol.9?
Sha Gojyo

59) What item Hakkai hates Gojyo uses like ashtray?
Beer Can

60) "…I’d killed him the first time we met. But even so…he’d come all this way with me to a foreign land and fought by my side. He’s my only companion."

61) To what chibi-Goku links Konzen Douji in occasion of their first meeting?
The sun

62) What is Kenren Taisho's hobby?

63) Who defeated Gyuumaoh?

64) Which brand of cigarettes Tenpou Gensui smokes?
Not Hi-Lite, Not Marlboro... I give up

65) Which kind of tree is famous in Tenkai?

66) What is the MOST popular feast in Tenkai?
The emperor's birthday

67) How is called Nataku?
Toushin Taishi

68) What is the name of Prince of War's father?
Li Touten

69) What Kenren is scared of?

70) "....so it's begun. I won't stop you nor save you. ---because this is a fight that belongs to all of you."
Kanzeon Bosatsu

71) Which family ties exist between Konzen Douji and Kanzeon Bosatsu?
Kanzeon is Konzen's aunt

72) What is the shape of the funny ashtray in Tenpou studio?

73) What is the name of the Dragon King?

74) What means the name "Goku"?
The one who can grasp the invisible?

75) Bosatsu calls them "Boring"...what?
Unchanging things

76) Which weapon uses Tenpou during the final, tragic escape?

77) What is the name of Kanzeon Bosatsu's assistant?

78) What is the colour of Goku's eyes?

79) Who was the former Tenpou's fellow before Kenren arrival?
I don't think he has one

80) "The moment I savor a cigarette."

81) What floats in Tenpou's bathtub?
Rubber duck

82) Which excuse Kanzeon Bosatsu makes for leaving the party?

83) What is the name of Ritouten fellow, the Natakus guard?
I forgot

84) Through what is possible reach the World Below from Tenkai?
Dimension gate...by using lift xD

85) What Kenren keeps often at his belt?
sake jar. or bottle?

86) Kenren and Gojyo smoke the same cigarette brand...which one?

87) What is the game played by Kenren and Goku at Konzen's studio?

88) Which prank Nataku makes to Tenkai Emperor just before his first meeting with Goku?
he draws something on the emperor's face

89) Once Kenren says, for joke, that he is his "secret son". Who is him?

90) "I was with everyone I loved, and they were all laughing. That was it. But I thought, that's all I need. Forever and ever."
Goku, in Gaiden

That was fun :D My score is... Nah, I'm too lazy to check xD

Date: 2010-12-06 02:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] veronicacode.livejournal.com
Woah! Great score! Congratulations!!**
I'd like so much eating Sukiyaki once.
In my city there is a Japanese restaurant in which is possible ordering it but...so expensive!!! °_°"

Date: 2010-12-10 03:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gokulaav.livejournal.com
Thanks ^^
Wow, is sukiyaki that expensive? *_* I'd like to try one too..


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