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I don't know how I manage to still watch some anime in between college life. Wait, last time I checked my studies are failing....

This time I'm going to talk about two pretty popular anime.

Sword Art Online

A novel adaptation. This show is about a gamer that's stuck on an online game, unable to log out. Sounds familiar? Why yes, you may be reminded of .hack series (or just .hack//SIGN, really). But in SAO, EVERY PLAYER is stuck. For two years. Plus if you die there, you'll die in the real world as well. Sounds like a pretty serious anime, right?

Half right.

The series is actually pretty laid back, except for when they face the bosses. Really. There's some fanservice here and there, the protagonist, Kirito, somehow ended up helping only girls. Somehow ended up liking a girl he met there. Somehow ended up marrying her. I bet the guys are practically worshiping Asuna as the perfect wife. I mean, she is nice, sweet, pretty strong, has a very positive mindset, and beautiful. Who doesn't want to marry her? I want to marry her too

As much as I'm okay with the romance, the turning point is kinda mushy. I've already guessed that Kirito will fall in love with Asuna, but to marry? I know, it's in the game, but... they're still 18 or so. They sound like a star-crossed lover that has fallen in love for years -_-

As for the pacing, you will be confused. Episode 2 and bam, suddenly already 1 month on the game. There's character building, yes, but still too fast. Maybe the staff wants to fast forward it so they can cover the entire novel series quickly. The storyline is kinda meh to me, but it's not that bad.

The series is still on-going as of now In which I went, "NTR?" I'm going to recommend this to you who wants to kill time and see nice graphics. And a perfect waifu.


October has come! Magi anime adaptation! キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!!!

Magi is about a shota little boy, Aladdin, who seems to be a traveler. He has a mysterious 'friend' named Ugo that will appear from his flute. Aladdin then meets Alibaba and Morgiana, befriending them, and face the worlds mysteries. Eventually, Aladdin realizes that he's not just an ordinary boy...

I will have to be honest and say that Magi is not that exciting at first. You will be bewildered by Ugo, but then to stay in the series you need to have that willpower to just watch. It's not bad, really. You just don't see what kind of things might happen in the future.

Really good things. Like Sinbad practically naked.

In all seriousness, this series is something that will grow on you little by little. I was first just curious because many pixiv artist were drawing the characters, in which I see Judal and got interested in him xD But in the end I fall in love with Alibaba. He's such a sweetheart (*´∀`)

The series is a light, friendship and courage themed story. You may think this is nice for families, but no. Aladdin likes boobs. Episode 1 will be your answer XD The story got more serious later when they meet Sinbad and Judal. And got even darker when you met Hakuryuu. Poor guy. I want to hug him ;_; But it'll still got it's cheerfulness and funny moments, don't you worry.

Oh, I think this is a pretty important info, Sinbad is voice by Ono Daisuke xD

Yes! I definitely recommend this to be watched! You will not regret!!


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