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This is long overdue but well..
Illustration by Umeharu

An amateur drama CD that I received 4 months ago xD If you’re familiar with nico nico douga, especially utaite, or even a fan of aho no sakata and inocchi and senra and mihanii and hosaka and chage and shima and kiriya, but I think that’s just me, you may want to consider this CD. And of course, an understanding of Japanese language is necessary.
nicopri chibis
Lookie that cute chibis hngggggggh

So, there's a group of people calling themselves nicopri (abbreviation from Nico Nico Prince XDDD) that consists of 8 people. Those people are Hosaka, Senra, Aho no Sakata, Inocchi, Chage, Mihanii, Shima, and Kiriya. In all honesty, they’re not that handsome but their voices are pretty nice to hear. These people form for fun and actually did two lives! They then decided to release a drama CD based on a twitter meme of 'what if the members are high school students?' This Nicopri Gakuen Drama CD was then born.
Unlike the usual drama CD, this drama places the listener as the 'girl' that somehow wounds up on their lives. Kinda like an otome game in form of drama CD? So there’s some part where it goes silent because ‘you’ were speaking xDD Kinda weird for me because I’m not into otome game at all.

The story itself is pretty clichéd. ‘You’ just transferred to nicopri gakuen, in which you have to stay in a dormitory, and it turns out the building you’ll live in is actually boys only. But the other building’s are full, so you’ll have to accept this harem. The boys are Sakata (Aho no Sakata), Inohara (Inocchi), Miharu (Mihanii), Sera (Senra), and Chage (Chage). You also meet Hosaka (Hosaka) the headmaster disguising as a janitor pffft, Shima (Shima) the perverted school doctor, and luckily, Kiriya (Kiriya) the hikikomori teacher xD Thus began your love story, kinda.

If you are a fan of Sakata, Inocchi, or Chage, you will be very pleased. The three of them has their own tracks dedicated to speak with ‘you’ xD

Because this is an amateur work, their acting were not of the best. Except maybe Mihanii who is putting up all of his energy here XD The sound effects were also pretty scarce and the BGM also cuts weirdly at times. But I think it doesn’t really kill the enjoyment especially if you’re biased like me

Aaaand at the end of the CD, they sang Mr. Music together. If you’re talking about technique, they’re not that good. But it’s really fun with their ad-libs. Especially Shima’s and Mihanii’s, and a little bit of Sakata near the end. The one thing that will be forever engrained in my brain is Shima singing ‘ni-co-pu-ri’ at the last four notes xDD

A more detailed opinion:
- I’m actually disappointed with Hosaka’s choice of voice to use. I know he’s trying to be that smooth guy, but in some parts he sounded like he has no talent in voice acting XDD I know how good he actually is so it’s kind of a shame. But I really like his “It’s a secret.” BECAUSEOMG
- Inocchi actually improved from wakeari CD drama tracks… a little bit xD He acts like a mother to the others here :D
- Senra sounds awkward with his acting xDD But he sounds so cute I forgive him xD I actually really like the scene where he went out and didn’t answer the question on where he’s going. Slimy mysterious guy there.
- I’m not sure why, but Chage called Miharu “Mihanii.” Maybe it’s a slip from him because he forgot the characters name xD He just sounds like the original Chage here XD And yes for pure doutei Chage
- Sakata act is pretty good and is practically a lovable one. His character is set to really like food XD
- Mihanii is one big ball of energy that bounces and is so very cute. Best act on the whole CD.
- Shima is second best I guess. I really like his sultry approach. and it’s implied that the trash he throws is a condom xDDD More appearance time please!
- Kiriya cheats (well not really, there’s some trouble so it’s practically a blessing he actually appeared here) by only saying a couple of lines. Ugh. I need more
- Also, I realized Sakata and Chage called ‘Inohara’ ‘Inocchi’ XDDDD
- Track 6 is my favorite like whoa. You can hear attempted Senra and Sakata girl version here XDDDD

It’s titled Nicopri Gakuen #01, so I guess there’ll be #02 :DD
So? I REGRET NOTHING XD Especially after showing Hosaka that I have received the CD. He sound so happy :DDDD And their acts, though not perfect, is pretty entertaining.


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